Awesome experience

"Thank you to Justin and the whole team at Wholesale direct for the best possible truck buying experience. After a year of waiting we went in and looked at a truck, spoke about numbers and had all the information needed in 20 minutes. The next day, a few phone calls later and 45 minutes to test drive and sign... we bought a truck! The small town feel was amazing and the relaxed vibe was unbeatable!!! Check them out if you are in the market and you will not be disappointed!!"

-Whitney P


Very pleased!


"My husband and I are very particular about car dealerships. After doing business with them for a few days, I would 100% recommend them. They are a pleasure to do business with, and are very genuine."

-Arielle T


Great Service!


"Fantastic experience, quality vehicles with great prices and a easy car buying experience. Waisted half a day across the street at Carmax went over to Wholesale Direct saved a ton on a much nicer vehicle with a top quality staff and a much more laid back experience. Highly recommend to anyone out car shopping."

-Michael R


Buying from Wholesale Direct was a quick and painless process, staff was great, vehicle was in outstanding condition, no complaints, and would purchase from them again.

Full review:

My experience buying from Wholesale Direct was perhaps slightly different as I was looking for a very specific vehicle from out of state and happened to find it at this location. I waited a few months after purchasing to write the review to give myself time to drive the vehicle and fully complete the out of state transfer process to be sure that everything was correct.

I flew in from out of state and when I arrived, the vehicle was waiting for me along with a test drive permit that was already printed. I was given clear instructions for a good route to allow the full range of the vehicle to be tested and was given as much time as I wanted alone to inspect and test the vehicle.

Everyone I dealt with was courteous, professional, and did not come across as pushy at all. The actual process of signing for the vehicle was straightforward and quick. The most time consuming part was actually on my end talking with my bank and insurance company.

Speaking of insurance, they even helped with the process of switching insurance over, saving me a lot of time and effort, allowing me to get back on the road sooner to drive back to my home state.

The drive back had no issues, the vehicle performed wonderfully which further gave me confidence that the vehicle was as presented, in great condition. Additionally, I took it to an independent mechanic for inspection and they confirmed, the vehicle was in great shape, had been well cared for, and it was a very solid purchase.

The paperwork arrived when they said it would, and everything that was needed to transfer the title over to my home state without issue was there.

Overall, great vehicles, great staff, and prompt/professional service in dealing with paperwork and the whole process of buying a car. Couldn't recommend these guys more. Definitely give them consideration if looking at buying a new vehicle.

-Michael D



Service is amazing. Went in and bought a 2018 mustang at a steal. They gave a good price on my trade in and shipped back an item i forgot in the car with overnight shipping. Thank you Scott. Very well trusted dealer.

-Khalil F